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Why Guest Posts are (Still) The Best Link Building Technique Today

Guest blogging is done?

Just over five years ago, Google’s Matt Cutts declared, “Guest blogging is done”. That grim warning didn’t come out of nowhere. It was in response to a troubling trend of low-quality link trade requests that were drowning the inboxes of even the most mildly successful website owner.

But today, that warning looks premature. Guest blogging is not only still here, it’s the preferred strategy of all the biggest players out there. Every SEO expert, every major retailer and every online service is still investing in guest blogs and—apparently—being richly rewarded for them.

So, what happened?

Why did Matt’s warning not change the game and send this strategy to an early grave? The simple answer is: Guest posting got better. It got smarter. The technique adapted to a changing field and came out more effective as ever.

It’s not enough to say that guest posting is still effective, however. More than that, guest posts are clearly the best way to achieve a range of different goals. They help you improve your link profile, build a network and get your name out there in ways that other link building techniques can’t hope to match.

For all of the following reasons, guests posts are still the best.

1. Guest Posts Give You Control over Quality of Your Link

Some link building techniques feel like a trip to the casino craps table. You put your money down, and roll the dice, hoping that your link will be placed in or near content that makes it appear natural and authoritative.

That’s a chance you don’t have to take when you’re providing guest posts. Your link is nestled in content that’s entirely under your own control. You get to pick the hook, the message and the call to action.

You have all the power to create the impression you want, even when your content is appearing on someone else’s website. In some cases (most cases with high-quality partners), you even get to pick the anchor text for your included links.

You need this amount of control, because it helps you guarantee the value of your investment. Compared to guest posts, a lot of other link link building techniques feel more like, well, gambling.

2. Guest Posts Put You in the Conversation

Having something important to say can feel really frustrating when you don’t have a soapbox to say it on yet. Unfortunately, that’s the natural state of new businesses and websites. You could have the best ideas that exist in your niche, but that doesn’t matter when there’s no audience ready to listen to them.

Guest posts can be your ticket into the conversation. By carefully choosing your link building partners, you can target specific sections of your niche with the exact message you want to send to them. You get to jump right into the conversation with a message that primed for the people who are meant to receive it.

A lot of link building techniques give you the opportunity to target a certain audience, but most of them don’t allow you to target that audience with long-form content that you control completely. By giving you both the access and the control, guest posts give you the most ideal soapbox you’ll find online.

3. Guest Posts Let You Show Off Your Value

When you publish guest posts, you are not only speaking to the people who may make up your customers and clients. You’re speaking to everybody else who has a reason to assess your content.

That’s a group that can include other website owners,vendors of related products, and various subject matter experts. These people can provide a lot of value back to you, by opening up even more opportunities for more link sharing, hiring and business partnerships.

Guests posts are the only link building technique that allows you to show off how knowledgeable you are, and how effectively you can communicate that knowledge to others. Each published post can create impression after impression of you as it ages.

This is one area in particular where guest posts truly transcend being just a tool to improve your link profile. Instead, each one becomes a long-term investment into your reputation. Choosing the right partner, and choosing the right content for your post, allows you to really take advantage of what guest posts do best.

4. Guest Posts Help You Make Connections in Your Niche

One of the toughest parts of a good guest post link building campaign is the outreach. It involves a lot of cold contact where you’re reaching out to people you don’t know for a favor.

Sure, you’re making the case that the guest post is going to be good for them too, but that’s not an easy case to make to someone who doesn’t know you.

Yes, outreach is time-consuming, difficult and awkward, but it’s also something else: the best way to build a permanent network with the people who share your niche. These networks don’t form on their own. If you don’t have a big budget for printing off business cards and visiting conventions, guest posts are really the only option.

Guest posting isn’t a one-way street, however. How easily and how effectively your connections form will depend heavily on how much time you’re willing to put into the guest posts that you’re placing. Great informational posts will lead to rewarding connections.

It's Time to Add Guest Posts to Your Strategy

Now you know why guest posts are still the finest option in a crowded field. If you’re building guest posts correctly, it doesn’t even matter if they gets targeted in a future algorithm update.

Even without the ranking power, they will still help you get your message out, show off your expertise and connect to new clients and friends in your niche.

As long as you can find relevant and high-quality partners, guest posting is as close to a sure thing as you can find in the SEO game.

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