SEOlutions - PBN S (Niche PBN LINKS)

As a long-established and a popular SEO brand, we have often been asked by our customers if we can also provide them with niche relevant PBN links. While we have used our own private blog networks for our own projects and some select clients, we did not want to offer them as a public service until we were absolutely certain that our PBN techniques and knowledge were among the best in the industry.

We are now at a point where we are confident we have one of the best PBNs available on the market, along with the knowledge and expertise required to maintain and grow it. We are very proud to be able to finally add this solution and complement our established range of SEO services, which some of you have known and loved for many years. 

SEOlutions PBN S is a next generation blog network, born out of meticulous attention to detail, the desire for perfection and the drive for consistent results.

PBN S – Monthly

  • 10, 15 or 20 stickied PBN links (remain stickied as long as your subscription is active)
  • Optional: Tier2 HPR Links
  • Niche-Relevant & Beautiful Sites
  • High Domain Authority & Trustflow 
  • Unique Content
  • TAT: 2 Weeks

PBN S – Single

  • 10, 15 or 20 non-stickied PBN links (remain on homepage for at least 4 weeks, until they roll off naturally)
  • Niche-Relevant & Beautiful Sites
  • High Domain Authority & Trustflow 
  • Unique Content
  • TAT: 2 Weeks

Key Features

Hosting - The Bread and butter of a PBN

We have tried many different PBN management and hosting solutions, even some of the popular solutions offered on this very forum, but the quality did not hold up to our standards. We therefore had no choice but to set up our own hosting system in order to protect the network and deliver the highest quality product which customers have come to expect from us.

For hosting the sites we use fast, reliable, premium cloud hosting without resorting to any cheap SEO hosts/PBN hosting or shared hosting providers, which are often prone to deindexation or being flagged by Google.

Dedicated IPs and a wide range of A, B and C class IPs

Every site has a unique dedicated IP address that is not shared with any other website. You do not have to worry about ‘bad neighborhoods’ or multiple PBN sites hosted on the same IPs easily exposing the network. It’s one PBN site per IP and server. There are absolutely zero footprints with our hosting setup.

Furthermore, the servers we use are located in 12+ different locations around the world, ensuring a natural and wide IP range across the entire network. 



No custom nameservers or other nonsense. We use default nameservers provided by the webhosts which are used by their customers to host regular sites. Our sites blend right in with the regular sites and leave no footprints.

Premium Cloud Hosting

We use several different popular hosting companies with fantastic feedback and track records. These are real, top of the line webhosts, some of which include Atlantic, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, RackSpace and Amazon. 

Our process

Select your package: Choose between our PBN S Single package or our PBN S monthly package.

With the single package your posts that will remain on the homepage for at least 4 weeks and then roll off naturally.

With the monthly package your PBN posts will remain stickied on the homepages for the duration of your subscription. 

Choose your niche and your quantities: You can choose between 10, 15 or 20 niche-relevant PBN links. We cater to the following niches: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Finance & Business, Health, Gambling and Technology. We don’t work with anything illegal, porn or pharma.

Fill in your details: Enter the URL of your website and your desired keywords/anchor texts. Please read our recommendations for anchor texts in our Link Building Guide.

Pay for your order: Pay for your order with either PayPal or Stripe (Creditcard).  

We get to work: Once we have received your order, we will create the content and subsequently publish your PBN links on a selected set of niche relevant sites with your desired anchor text(s). You will receive a report after two weeks, which will be limited to a 10% sample of your posts to keep the network safe and secure. 

Ready to order?

We offer two different packages. 

PBN S – Monthly: This is a monthly subscription. Your PBN posts will remain stickied on the homepages for the duration of your subscription. When you cancel, the posts will simply roll off the homepage. Furthermore, we offer our best-selling High Performance Links as a tier2 option with the subscription.

PBN S – Single: This package is for those of you that want our quality PBN S links without the monthly fee. The only difference to our subscription, is that your posts will not be stickied on the homepage. They will roll off naturally after a few weeks on the homepage.

PBN S – Monthly

Choose between 10, 15 or 20 stickied PBN links.

Your PBN posts remain stickied as long as your subscription is active. If you cancel, they will simply roll off naturally.

Unprecedented Tier2 Options: Point between 100 and 500 of our best-selling High Performance Links to your PBN posts for maximum link juice and ranking results. Not many PBNs offer this option!

  • Niche-Relevant 
  • Beautiful Sites
  • Domain Authority ~20
  • Trustflow ~20
  • Top TLDs com/org/net
  • Unique and well written content for every post
  • Meticulous Hosting Setup
  • Monthly Subscription
  • TAT: 2 Weeks

PBN S – Single

Choose between 10, 15 or 20 non-stickied PBN links.

Your PBN posts will remain on the homepage of the sites for at least 4 weeks, after that they will roll off naturally.

  • Niche-Relevant 
  • Beautiful Sites
  • Domain Authority ~20
  • Trustflow ~20
  • Top TLDs com/org/net
  • Unique and well written content for every post
  • Meticulous Hosting Setup
  • One-Time Payment
  • TAT: 2 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these links permanent?

The links from the posts are permanent in both our subscription and our single package.

For PBN S – Monthly: If a subscription is cancelled, your posts will remain live but will be unstickied and roll off the homepage. The tier 2 links in the premium package are rented and remain live as long as your subscription is active.

For PBN S – Single the posts will remain on the homepage for at least 4 weeks, until they roll off.

Are these links safe?

While there are no safety guarantees in SEO, as Google can change its algorithm at any time to punish any type of links, we believe we have one of the safest networks available due to the many precautions we have taken, such as making sure each and every site looks like a real website, customized features/design of every site, varied and expansive hosting options, high quality content, clean backlinks profiles of domains and splitting the network into thematic categories.

Do you provide reports?

Reports will be limited to a 10% sample. While we would love to provide everyone with full reports, in order to keep the network as secure as possible, we have to be careful about reporting. For the optional high performance links, we will be providing a 10 link sample of the links pointing at the posts included in your report, same as in the High Performance Links service itself.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the amount of work and costs involved in providing this service, refunds will only be accepted if requested within 24 hours after payment or if the order was completed incorrectly.

Do you use unique articles?

Yes, all of our articles are 100% unique and are written exclusively for your order. We have a talented team of native English writers that will write an informative article just for your pbn posts..

What is the turnaround time?

Most of our PBN posts will be published within two week. Having said that, sometimes it will take a bit longer. The official turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Do you keep DA and TF in mind?

Yes, we actively screen our PBN sites for domain authority, trustflow and some more 3rd party metrics (DR for example). But keep in mind, that these values can fluctuate – but we try our best to keep the metrics up there.

Which niches does the network have?

The network is split into the following categories: Entertainment, Finance, Health, Gambling, Lifestyle and Technology. We will also be adding additional categories over time as the network grows and based on demand.

How many URLs and Keywords are allowed?

We recommend to use 1 URL with 1-3 keywords for best results. But you can choose more if you want to.

Can I change my URLs / Keywords anytime?

Yes, but only for PBN S Monthly! You will be able to change your URLs/keywords once a month. If your new URLs/keywords are from a different niche, then new posts will be made and posted on sites within a category that matches your new niche. Bear in mind though that your old posts will then be unstickied from the homepages, so it is best to not change your URLs/keywords if we have already ranked your original keywords.

Will you create new posts every month for the subscription?

No, we create a set of posts for you in the first month, after which these posts remain stickied on the homepages of the PBN sites. No new posts are created in the following months unless you change your URLs/keywords to a different niche. If we replace the old posts with new ones every month, your links will need to be re-indexed every time by Google, which is not ideal for rankings.

Are there any niches which you do not work with for this service?

We do not work with any sites which host illegal or pornographic content (for example, porn, pharma, gambling and so on). We also can’t work with the tobacco niche.


We are proud and extremely glad to have so many awesome clients that work with us. We have received a lot of positive feedback for our PBN links – but if you are not quite convinced yet, you can take a look at our reviews down below.