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SEOlutions Guide: How To Use Our High Performance Links

Hey guys,

we are back with the 4th installment of our well-received SEOlutions Guides series. This time we will give you a quick and to-the-point guideline on how you can utilize our best-selling High Performance Links the most effective way for your projects / websites.

How to use our High Performance Links?

As many of you already know, our High Performance Links are extremely powerful and can catapult your site to the top of the SERPs within a few weeks (if you don’t believe us, just check out latest reviews and/or our ranking graphs from actual campaigns). With our custom filters we ensure a metrical baseline that allows us to even target the toughest of niches and we have helped clients to reach new heights in their respective business.

Option 1: Linking directly to your website

If you are looking for the best results, then we recommend to point our High Performance Links directly at your website. Please keep your anchor diversity in mind, when you are doing this – more on that in our SEOlutions Link Building Guide. This is the most effective way to utilize the performance links and in most cases the results are seen within the first 4-6 weeks of the campaign and solidify over time. It is important however to make sure your site has proper on-page optimization in place for its targeted keywords in order to facilitate quick and strong ranking gains. For more information on optimal site setup and on-page optimization, please see our guide here: SEOlutions Guide: On-Page Optimization

Having said that, as with any link building, there is a small amount of risk involved. We have absolutely no control over the algorithmic changes that Google has planned in the future and as thus, we cannot guarantee that your site will survive eventual link updates. However, we have been providing this service for almost 3 years now with very few issues, as our custom filtering process allows us to ensure quality and quantity at the same time.

Still, if you are looking to keep your campaign and your website as safe as possible, then we recommend to use buffer sites in-between our links and your website, which will minimize all risks to practically zero. Which brings us to the next point.

Option 2: Using Buffer Sites to link to your website

To minimize the risk of a possible link penalty, we recommend to use buffer sites in between our High Performance Links and your website. Buffer sites can come in many forms and variations and they usually will work as a “safety” layer to keep your site relatively safe from future algorithmic updates, as only a few links will be pointed directly to your website (depending on how many buffer properties you use in your campaigns).

Personally, we continue to use static Web 2.0s blogs or PBNs with a great authority as base for our buffer properties. They are easy to set-up, can take quite a bit of “link heat” and allow for a lot of customization while keeping on-page factors in mind. But guest posts, niche edits and editorials can work too. In addition, we always use 100% unique content written by native authors on our buffer sites and we frequently update them with fresh & unique content. Furthermore, we try to keep the OBL to max. 2-3 per buffer property to not dilute the link juice too much.

In all of our years that we have been providing our SEO services, we only had a handful of our manually built buffer properties deleted. This goes to show: Quality sticks! The results are usually a bit delayed compared to directly pointing the links at your website and the effects are a bit diluted. However, this approach will keep your website fairly safe from future updates and you can still reap all the benefits of our incredibly powerful performance links.

For each of our High Performance Solutions package, we offer the option to add either 5 or 10 buffer properties (web 2.0 blogs).

What about anchor and link diversity or branding?

Although, we were able to rank a lot of websites with just our High Performance Links alone. A diverse, natural link profile is essential to claiming the top spots (#1-#3) of the SERPs and staying there, whereas a homogeneous link profile is a red flag to any search engine and will result in a penalty sooner rather than later. Thus keeping your anchor texts and backlinks well-diversified will help your site get through all the Penguin Updates (and whatever other animal updates are yet to be released) unscathed. We usually recommend a focus on branding keywords and generic keywords with Citations and Social Links (e.g. our Local SEO Solutions) to cover branding, diversity and velocity. In addition to that, a well-written Press Release is always a good idea, as well as some editorial links, targeted and relevant guest blogs, a well-structured outreach campaign and lastly, a properly setup PBN Network (e.g. our PBN S).

We go into more detail on this in our SEOlutions Guide Pt. 2: Perfecting Your Link Building Campaigns. Please take the time to read this Guide thoroughly and completely to get a good picture of what we consider a well-diversified link portfolio that keeps diversity, velocity and branding in mind, while utilizing the powerful links to ensure high rankings.

Do the high performance links work for every website? 

Generally speaking, our performance links work universally. This means, that they should work for both new and established websites. In addition to that, the links also work very well for website that target foreign SERPs (e.g. the UK, Germany, Netherlands, even Indonesia or Poland). We have a ton of clients that target foreign SERPS with great success, as most of the time the competition is not as high as in the US.

The same goes for local SEO (ranking a website in a specific city/area): Our performance links work wonderfully for local rankings – you just have to keep in mind, that the algorithmic responses for local SERPs also depend on a lot of other local factors – most importantly citations, reviews and a properly optimized website for local SEO.

Now you know the best practices to use our performance links. Depending on your risk profile, your goals and your niche you should be able to decide wether you should use our performance links with or without buffer sites.

What package should I buy?

Both our high performance packages really pack a punch. The Homepage Performance Links are super powerful as you get links on the homepage of real websites, which usually offer a better metrical baseline (DA, TF, DR etc.) – this in turn means, that they are a bit more expensive.

The normal High Performance package offers a mixture of homepage links, inner page links, archive/category page links etc. – they offer more diversity and you can get a higher quantity at a lower price range.

A combination of both packages is also very powerful and many of our clients like to make use of this two-punch combo.


High Performance Solutions

High Performance Links

Rated 4.97 out of 5

High Performance Mixed Links

High Performance Links that are rented on a monthly basis (subscription) – but you can cancel anytime

Placed on the innage pages and sometimes the hompage of high authority domains in the sidebar, header, footer, etc.

  • High Metrics (DA and TF)
  • High Traffic Domains – links are also placed on domains which are performing well in the SERPs themselves.
  • Automatic Replacement of lost links
  • Placed on top TLDs (org/com/net)
  • Monthly report of top10 links (to keep the network safe)
  • Optional: Buffer Sites (5 or 10 Web 2.0 blogs)

High Performance Solutions

High Performance Homepage Links

Rated 5.00 out of 5

High Performance Homepage Links

Homepage links that are rented on a monthly basis (subscription) – but you can cancel anytime

Placed on the hompage of high authority domains in the sidebar, header, footer, etc.

  • High Metrics (DA and TF)
  • High Traffic Domains – links are also placed on domains which are performing well in the SERPs themselves.
  • Automatic Replacement of lost links
  • Placed on top TLDs (org/com/net)
  • Monthly report of top10 links (to keep the network safe)
  • Optional: Buffer Sites (5 or 10 Web 2.0 blogs)

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      we can recommend to start with our mixed high performance links with the buffer option. Although we offer two different packages, we usually recommend to start out with our Mixed performance package and see how your website react to the links. The mixed performance package offers the most diversity (TLDs, Metrics, et. al.) and is our cost-effective solution to start your link building campaign for your (new) website.


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