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Outreach via guest posts is THE tool you need to take your website to the next level. A strong link profile is one of the most important factors for ranking, and guest posts are among the strongest and highest quality links money can buy, if obtained from the right sites.

The right sites, however, aren’t easily identified. When guest post prospecting isn’t done correctly, it can slow your growth, burn through your budget and even expose you to site penalties. You don’t want that to happen to you.

That’s why you need a guest posting service you can trust—a team that understands where and how to build guest posts so that they’ll deliver the most power for you, every time. That’s our team. Order now to get single or monthly guest posts that will give you the boost you need to stay competitive.

Guest Post – Single

  • One-Time Order
  • Powerful Metrics
  • Real Websites that have real traffic
  • Niche Relevant
  • Premium Content
  • White Label
  • TAT: 2-4 Weeks

Guest Post – Subscription

  • New guest post every month
  • Powerful Metrics
  • Real Websites that have real traffic
  • Niche Relevant
  • Premium Content
  • White Label
  • TAT: 2-4 Weeks.

What Sets Our Guest Posts Apart?

You may have tried guest posts in the past, but not like the ones you’ll find with SEOlutions. Our team understands what matters most when it comes to choosing the right partner for hosting the guest posts and producing compelling content.

Our process

The process that we use to create and place guest posts has been carefully developed over years of experience in link building and guest posts. Our process guarantees that only top sites are chosen, that they are good matches for your niche and that the content of the posts will be in line with your goals.

A full Inspection of your website: To choose good guest posting partners, we need to understand your site. That’s why each and every order begins with a review of your existing content, products, and tone. By understanding all of these factors, we can find you a partner who will amplify what you already do best.

A full Inspection of your link portfolio: No two link portfolios are the same, and it doesn’t make sense to add more of what already exists. We need to inspect your link profile to determine what kind of links you have already, and which sites you have them from. This allows us to match you with new sites and new link types that will add even more diversity to your profile.

Finding a partner with worthy metrics and traffic: After we understand you and your goals, we begin our search for a partner who can help you reach those goals. We focus on the site metrics that will tell us if the site is high quality and growing—with the potential to keep growing in the future.

Finding a partner willing to meet our standards: We strive to provide the best possible links, and part of that is partners who will allow the links to remain permanently. All of the posts are meant to permanent once they have been approved and published.  

Creating a customized article: We create a fully customized article based on a blend of your goals, and the niche most effectively covered by your partner site. The article will be high in quality and blend in naturally with the content that already exists on the partner site. The article will also be completely unique and developed for your order alone.

Publishing the content with a great link and anchor text: The final step in creating great content is adding the cherry on top—a great link. Yours will be placed in a natural location in the article and fitted with effective anchor text.

With guest posts quickly becoming the staple of successful SEO campaigns, you simply cannot afford to ignore them when it comes to your own link building efforts. Guest posts will not only help you reach the rankings you are after, but will keep your site ranked for a long time to come, which cannot be said for many other link sources.

In addition to the ranking benefits of guest posts, your site will enjoy traffic and exposure within your industry that is difficult to obtain any other way. With so many benefits to guest posting, it is easy to see why it is becoming the preferred method of ranking your site in 2019 amongst industry experts and professionals.

You have all the power to choose the best guest posting solution for you. Whether it’s one high-quality link, or a stream of them to help you achieve constant, steady growth. No matter your budget, one of our packages is the solution you need.

To help you with your goals, we provide you with two powerful packages to choose from.

Guest Post Single

Even a single guest post can radically improve your link profile. Our single-post plan allows you to choose from several different metrical levels to perfectly match your budget. You have all the power to make the best choice for you.

Each guest posts will be catered to your website and be placed on real websites with high metrics & real traffic. These are the links that you can gladly show your clients.

  • Powerful metrics
  • Real Websites with real traffic
  • Niche Relevant
  • Premium Content
  • White label reports
  • One-Time Payment
  • TAT: 2-4 Weeks

Guest Post Subscription

For powerful growth, you need more than one link, you need velocity. That comes from having a steady stream of links that provide you with constant improvement over a series of months.

By choosing our monthly subscription, you can pursue powerful, sustainable growth without making a new order every month. One order takes you the entire distance. You will get a new guest post on a new domain every month.

Each guest posts will be catered to your website and be placed on real websites with high metrics & real traffic. These are the links that you can gladly show your clients.

  • Powerful metrics
  • Real Websites with real traffic
  • Niche Relevant
  • Premium Content
  • White label reports
  • Monthly Subscription
  • TAT: 2-4 Weeks.

Will Guest Posts be Effective for My Site?

You may be wondering if guest posts will be an effective strategy for your particular site. The truth is that almost any site can benefit from new links that are anchored in high-quality articles. But there are certain aspects you have to keep in mind. At this point we would like to refer to our On-Page Optimization Guide (for 2019) which covers all the basics of a well-optimized website. In addition, you should read our Link Building Guide (for 2019) to make sure you are informed about the variety of links available, anchor diversity & velocity.

However, there are certain cases where guest posts will be particularly effective. Here are some factors that may determine how much guest posts can benefit you.

The Age of your site: Understand that younger sites do not always immediately respond to link building or other factors aimed at improving a site’s rankings. No matter what is added, from brand new content to links, the site may need some time before any significant changes in rankings are observed.

This does not mean that it’s ineffective to invest in guest posts if your site is young. You will not lose the power that you generate during this waiting period, you will simply have to wait for the changes to have the desired effect. In most cases, young sites being to see the effects of link building within a couple of months.

Your Niche: Almost any niche can benefit from guest posts, but there are some niches, in particular, that benefit from the longer content that is needed for guest posts. Our team will work carefully to ensure that your content is a good fit for the kind of content that is being created about your niche.

Depending on your niche, we may not be able to assist you. In order to remain compliant with advertising laws, we do not work with sites that host illegal content. We cannot assist you if your site is focused on pornography, drugs, gambling or tobacco.

The Quality of Your Existing Link Profile: The quality and size of your existing link profile can have a significant effect on how well guest posts work for you. The fewer “spammy” and low quality links you have, the more powerful the guest posts will be when they’re added.

We have worked with some clients who have very large link profiles that were not built with the most effective techniques. When it comes to these profiles, diluting some of the less valuable links over the period of a few months can make the introduction of new (and high quality) guest posts much more effective.

The Diversity of Your Existing Link Profile: When developing a link profile, it’s important to have a diverse mix of different sources. For example, guest blogs are only a single source. Please read our Link Building Guide 2019 to learn about link diversity.

If you currently have very little diversity in your link profile, guest posts that target a new source can be particularly effective for you. We will make an effort to find guest post sources that are not covered by your existing link profile.

How Many Keywords You need to Target: The quality and authenticity of guest posts depend on them not being stuffed with keywords that might raise red flags and diminish their chance of being accepted on high-level sites. For that reason, each guest post is limited to one backlink URL and one keyword.

The most effective way to target multiple keywords is by creating posts on more than one site. Distribute the different keywords to as many guest posts as you need. Even with our monthly service, you can change your chosen URLs and keywords at any time.

Why Trust Our Team?

SEOlutions was started by SEO experts with years of experience promoting our own sites. For years, we were used to switching to different techniques as algorithms changed. When the long-term power of link building began to become clear, we both saw it as an opportunity to focus on a technique that wasn’t simply going to fade away with the next update.

There’s no easy SEO replacement for good links. If you are linked to by major, influential sites, it will always be a practical sign that you’re providing value and attracting attention from other players in your niche. While Google and other search engines may modify the value of links in the future, their benefits make them more likely to weather updates than most other techniques.

We started to apply the things we learned about link growth to our own sites and were shocked by the speed and reliability of the strategies that we developed. We quickly moved from focusing on our own sites to building these strategies for other people. Our business rapidly expanded from there, and it is now bigger than it has ever been.

Today, we have developed a client list of more than 5000 individuals and companies. We have helped them achieve a range of custom goals, from improving the rank of their sites to drawing loads of new converting traffic.

We are proud of the reputation we have developed for providing solutions that work along with excellent support for our many satisfied clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel completely confident about your purchase, so our team is here and ready to help if you have any remaining questions about our guest posting services. Just shoot us an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can trust our support team to be knowledgable enough to have the answers you need and to respond to your concerns with a high level of priority.  

Are these links safe?

Right now, guest posting and outreach is one of the best and safest methods to get powerful links to your website.

Having said that, we never know what Google has up its sleeves for the next big update. So a minimal risk is always involved.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, you will receive a full report after the specified turnaround time.

Are these links permanent?

Yes, the posts are permanent.

What is the turnaround time?

Most of our guest posts will be published within two week. Having said that, sometimes it will take a bit longer. That’s why we specify the current turnaround time at 2-4 weeks for each guest post.

Do you use unique articles?

Yes, all of our articles are 100% unique and are written exclusively for your order. We have a talented team of native English writers that will write an informative article just for your guest post.

What are the metrics for the guest posts?

We use several baseline metrics. On top of some other baseline data we use (Traffic, Domain Authority (Moz), Trustflow (Majestic), Link Profile, Topical Relevance, Age etc.).

Are the guest posts placed on real websites?

Yea, all of our guest posts will be published on real websites with real traffic and a high domain authority (DA).

These are top notch links that you can gladly show your clients.

How many URLs and Keywords are allowed?

One URL and one keyword per guest post.

Can I change my URLs / Keywords anytime?

Yes, URLs/keywords can be changed at any time. You will also find a link to change the URLS/KWs under “My Account”. Or send us an email to

Are there any niches which you do not work with for this service?

We do not work with any sites which host illegal or pornographic content (for example, porn, pharma, gambling and so on). We also can’t work with the tobacco niche.