We offer a variety SEO packages that are developed synergistically – meaining, that each of our SEO services can be combined as each service consists of different type of backlinks

Subsequently, you can combine all of our packages with each other to create an individualized, well-structured and powerful SEO campaign.

You can read about all of our services and view all of our packages by scrolling down further the page.


High Performance Links (Our Best-Seller!)

This is our best-selling SEO Service. We’ve been offering this for over 6 years and it still continues to provide amazing results. Read about they key features below.

Capable of ranking the toughest of keywords. Guaranteed stick rate and relatively fast results.

Key Features:
  • Choose your desired quantity of links (the more links, the stronger the ranking boost) – the links are rented on a monthly basis (subscription) – but you can cancel anytime.
  • High Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF)
  • High Traffic Domains – links are also placed on domains which are performing well in the SERPs themselves.
  • Optional: Use beautifully crafted manual Web 2.0s as buffer sites for the high perf. links
  • Each link will be placed on a unique and real website with premium TLD (org/net/com)
  • Guaranteed and automatic replacement of lost links with new ones.
  • Monthly report of your top 10 backlinks (along with the login details for your buffer sites, if applicable)
  • Free On-Page Report – comprehensive analysis of your site’s level of optimization
  • Free Detailed Guides – our complementary detailed on-site and off-site guides

We offer two subscriptions for our high performance links.

High Performance Mixed Links: This package includes a mix of homepage and inner page links from real and established websites with great metrics (DA/TF).

High Performance Homepage Links: These are solely homepage links. Placed on unique domains with awesome metrics (DA/TF).

High Performance Solutions

High Performance Links

Rated 4.97 out of 5

High Performance Solutions

High Performance Homepage Links

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Guest Posts / Outreach

Our fully white label outreach / guest posts service. These are links that you can gladly show your clients!

Guest Posts on real websites with real traffic and great metrics!

Each of our guest posts will be placed on real websites with high domain authority (DA) & real traffic. These are powerful links that are great for rankings and incredible for branding.

Key Features:

– High Domain Authority (DA)
– Real Websites with real traffic
– Premium content created just for your order
– Full white label report of your guest post(s)
– Free on & off-page optimization Guides
– Available as a one-off and subscription package

We offer two packages for our guest posts.

Guest Posts – Single: We offer a single package, where you can order guest posts on a one-off basis.

Guest Posts – Subscription: Or you can opt-in for a monthly subscription and get a new guest on a new quality site every month.

PBN Links

What is PBN S?

SEOlutions PBN S is a next generation blog network, born out of meticulous attention to detail, the desire for perfection and the drive for consistent results.

Key Features:
  • Niche relevant – The network is split up into different broad categories such as entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, technology and gambling. This means that your links will come from thematically relevant PBN sites and each domain/blog in the network will only link to niche-relevant websites.
  • Beautiful Sites – Each site in the network has been manually set up and carefully customized by our team. With absolute ZERO footprints.
  • Customization – Every site uses a mixture of different plugins, unique logos, sidebars, contact forms, sliders, themes, social profiles, widgets, pictures and many other customizations. Every site looks as unique as possible.
  • Dedicated IPs – Every site has a unique dedicated IP address from premium cloud hosting services that is not shared with any other website. The servers are located in 12+ different locations around the world, ensuring a natural and wide IP range across the entire network.
  • Maintenance – We actually care about our network- a LOT! We won’t let domains expire after a year and vanish into the dust. If (and that’s a big if) a domain gets de-indexed, we immediately replace it with a new domain. Furthermore, we do daily maintenance, keep plugins and themes updated and add additional content. Not a lot of sellers can promise this. We do!
  • Reports – Reports will be limited to a 10% sample of your posts. This is to keep the network safe and sound.
  • Turnaround Time – Work will begin right after your order. The reports are emailed within 14 business days.

We offer two packages for our PBN links.

PBN S – Monthly: This is a monthly subscription. Your PBN posts will remain stickied on the homepages for the duration of your subscription. When you cancel, the posts will simply roll off the homepage naturally. The subscription also gives you the option to use our best-selling High Performance Links as a tier2 layer.

PBN S – Single: This package is for those of you, that want our quality PBN S links without the monthly fee. The only difference to our subscription, is that your posts will not be stickied on the homepage. They will roll off the homepage naturally after a few weeks.

Citations / Local SEO Solutions

By neglecting local and organic SEO, you are literally robbing your own business of hundreds and thousands of ready customers with their wallets already open. On the other hand, your competitors, the ones smart enough to exploit this goldmine, are swimming in traffic and sales, and reaping all of its benefits.

The good news is that you no longer need to sit on the sidelines and idly watch as the digital world races you by. You are one step away from claiming your own share of the local pie and taking your business to new heights.

At the push of a button, with our new local SEO solutions, we will completely transform your local presence and put your business on the map with a bang!

All of our local SEO packages include necessary citations to boost up your local rankings.

Key Features:
  • Citations in local business directories
  • Citations on video, photo and social platforms
  • Citation Audit included
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Perfect for your baseline links and local niches.

We offer two  different packages.

Simple Citations – Monthly: 90 new citations created every month. Powered by a fixed set of 100 of our high performance links. Synergistically juiced up citations done right!

Simple Citations – Single: A one-off order of 90 citations in various directories, social sites, image sites and video sites. Citation Audit included. 

Citations / Local SEO

Simple Citations – Monthly

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$ 329.00 / month

Citations / Local SEO

Simple Citations – Single

$ 269.00 / package

Premium Solutions (Web 2.0s)

Premium Solutions – Our ‘whitehat’ service that continues to astound customers with its fantastic rankings and traffic results.

By manually creating beautiful web 2.0 posts with well-written unique content on premium web 2.0 platforms, we are able to pass a significant amount of link juice onto your site using the service & our unique tiered contextual structure.

These are absolute quality backlinks with unprecedented amount of ranking power. Furthermore, they are perfect to buffer some of your tier2 links.

Key Features:

– 10 beautiful and manually crafted web 2.0 blogs (for the subscription, these will be created every month)
– Unique content is used for every blog
– Powered by an array of contextual tier2 & tier3 links.
– Optional: Add our best-selling high performance links into the mix (only available for the subscription)
– White label reports

We offer a single package and a subscription.

Premium Solutions – Single: A one-off order of 10 manually created Web 2.0s powered by our array of tier 2 and tier 3 links.

Premium Solutions – Subscription: The subscription includes new Web 2.0s that are powered up by new tier 2 and tier 3 links every month. In addition, you have the option to add our best-selling high performance links as a second tier layer to power up your manual Web 2.0s even more.

Premium Solutions

Premium Solutions – Single

Rated 5.00 out of 5
Rated 5.00 out of 5

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