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What is PBN S?

SEOlutions PBN S is a next generation blog network, born out of meticulous attention to detail, the desire for perfection and the drive for consistent results.

Beautiful sites – Each site in the network has been manually set up and carefully customized by our team. With absolute ZERO footprints.

Customization – Every site uses a mixture of different plugins, unique logos, sidebars, contact forms, sliders, themes, social profiles, widgets, pictures and many other customizations. Every site looks as unique as possible.

Hosting – The Bread and Butter of a PBN

Dedicated IPs and a wide range of A, B and C class IPs – Every site has a unique dedicated IP address that is not shared with any other website. The servers are located in 12+ different locations around the world, ensuring a natural and wide IP range across the entire network.

Nameservers – No custom nameservers or other nonsense. We use default nameservers provided by the webhosts which are used by their customers to host regular sites. Our sites blend right in with the regular sites and leave no footprints.

Variety of webhosts from premium companies – We use over 6 different popular hosting companies with fantastic feedback and track records.

How does it work?

Network is split into categories – The network is split up into different broad categories such as entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, technology and gambling. This means that your links will come from thematically relevant PBN sites and each domain/blog in the network will only link to niche-relevant websites.

Stickied homepage posts and links – We create a set of posts for you in the first month, after which these posts remain stickied on the homepages of the PBN sites for the duration of your subscription.

Reports – Reports will be limited to a 10% sample. For example, if you order 20 posts, your report will include 2 of the posts. While we would love to provide everyone with full reports, in order to keep the network as secure as possible, we have to be careful about reporting. For the optional high performance links, we will be providing a 10 link sample of the links pointing at the posts included in your report, same as in the High Performance Links service itself.

Turnaround time – Work on your order will begin within 48 hours after it has been placed. Reports are emailed within 14 business days.

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