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Category Archives: Small Business

Using Digital Marketing to Increase Customer Retention

Would you rather have many different customers who only make one purchase or a smaller group of customers who make repeated purchases? While a high volume of customers might seem good, the secret to long-term business success is committed customers who buy from you on a regular basis. The start of a new year is […]

Let’s Spend! An Overview of Paid Search Channels

There’s no shortage of tips, tricks and strategies for optimizing a website. As an SEO pro, your job is to figure out which combination of techniques will best serve your clients’ needs. You’re already familiar with the major strategies: proper keyword identification and implementation, optimization for mobile, integration with social media and more. Do you […]

A Primer to the New Yahoo Product Ads

There’s no shortage of ways you can spend your marketing budget online. While Google is obviously the industry giant, you don’t want to put all your advertising eggs into one Google basket. Variety is the key to reaching new audiences. Yahoo Product Ads officially launched in November, 2015. This is a term for a few […]

Facebook Video Ads: More Effective Than You Might Think

Facebook video is taking off big-time. Previously, imbedding a YouTube video was the only way to post a video onto your Facebook page. But that’s changed with the introduction of Facebook’s Autoplay feature. Recently, more users uploaded video directly to Facebook than they did by sharing YouTube videos. This is a pretty dramatic shift. Industry […]

The Importance of User Experience on a Website

Creating and Maintaining a Website is Easier than Ever Before. Where Does that Leave the SEO Pro? When creating a website for a client, you have two ultimate goals. You want a site that boosts business for your client, and you also want a site that is appealing to users. But is too much importance […]

5 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

When the World Wide Web was in its infancy, all businesses – large and small — operated on a relatively level playing field. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. Today, small businesses face many unique challenges online. Large businesses simply have more money and resources. They can easily make a big splash online while pushing […]