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Optimizing for Mobile: The Power of Creating a Human Connection

Last year, a significant milestone in internet history occurred. The funny thing is, many people didn’t even notice. Maybe they were too busy looking at their smartphones? May, 2015, marked the first time ever when more people accessed the internet with their smartphones than with their desktop or laptop computers. This is according to a […]

From Snippets to Success: Google’s Featured Snippet Box Explained

We’ve seen it coming for at least half a year now. Google’s refinements to how they display search results to users has been undergoing changes. One of the biggest changes has been the increased number of Featured Snippets displayed. Not sure exactly what Featured Snippets are or how they can help your brand? Don’t worry […]

4 SEO Techniques Flying Under Your Radar

There’s always something new to learn in the world of internet marketing. Sometimes all this info can seem overwhelming. Important and useful techniques can easily fly under your radar. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ve got four techniques which are often underutilized but, when properly implemented, can make a big splash. These […]

Top Tips for Google AdWords

Happy Birthday, Google AdWords! This popular service turned 15 on October 28th. As an internet marketing pro, you probably already know a lot about AdWords. But a quick refresher course is always helpful. Plus, there have been some recent changes to the service which you might not know about. Let’s check ‘em out: Google AdWords […]

How to Prepare Your Retail Site for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. If you’re a retailer, you now have a lot of work to do in a relatively short amount of time. You need to prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the weekend before Christmas and more. The big shopping days are right around the corner. Also right around the corner is […]

Top Tips for Online Reputation Management

No matter who your clients are or what they do, eventually every SEO pro is going to get The Call. “Something has happened,” the client will say, “and we’re in the middle of a full-blown public relations crisis.” Internet marketers wear a lot of hats. We can design sites, create content, set up online stores, […]

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