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Internet Marketing Round-Up – June ‘16

Internet Marketing Round-Up – June ‘16 Summer is here, and hopefully your SEO efforts are hot, hot, hot! The summer season brings search engine changes, industry events and more. So grab a cool drink, sit back and check out the latest news in summertime SEO: Google Launches Mobile-Testing Tool Summer kicks off with big news […]

Keyword Optimization in 60 Minutes or Less

When it comes to your website, words matter. Aside from conveying your message to potential customers, word usage also affects your site’s position in the search results. Every keyword you select and optimize plays a vital role in your overall SEO strategy. As with most SEO techniques, there’s never enough time to implement every strategy […]

Let’s Spend! An Overview of Paid Search Channels

There’s no shortage of tips, tricks and strategies for optimizing a website. As an SEO pro, your job is to figure out which combination of techniques will best serve your clients’ needs. You’re already familiar with the major strategies: proper keyword identification and implementation, optimization for mobile, integration with social media and more. Do you […]

How Fresh Air can Improve Your Local SEO

The internet has completely changed the game for local businesses. A small store, located in the middle of nowhere, can now ship their products anywhere in the world. But this global interconnectivity can be a bit complicated when it comes to local SEO. Local SEO is different than other marketing techniques. This is because local […]

Optimizing for Mobile: The Power of Creating a Human Connection

Last year, a significant milestone in internet history occurred. The funny thing is, many people didn’t even notice. Maybe they were too busy looking at their smartphones? May, 2015, marked the first time ever when more people accessed the internet with their smartphones than with their desktop or laptop computers. This is according to a […]

Social Media & SEO: Complete Guide to Instagram and Pinterest

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to your SEO strategies, however, pictures might be worth even more. Visual media is big on the web and growing bigger by the day. You’ll need to incorporate visual media into your online presentation. Otherwise you’ll be left behind by the competition. Check […]

The 8 Point Content Strategy

Content is the cornerstone of every effective SEO campaign. There’s an abundance of different content you can create: blog posts, long-form content, infographics, videos and more. All of this content can be used to effectively connect with readers. As part of your on-going SEO efforts, new content will need to be created and published on […]