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The Do’s and Don’ts of Local Reviews

Local reviews are an important part of SEO success. Here’s the right and wrong way to handle them. Customer reviews are nothing new. When early man opened the first bronto-burger restaurant, his fellow cave-dwellers probably wrote their culinary opinions on nearby caves walls. But while businesses have always had to deal with reviews, the web […]

Halloween is On the Way! Here’s How to Scare Up Some Quality User Traffic

Have you seen Christmas decorations in the stores yet? Every year they seem to show up just a bit earlier. With back-to-school shopping wrapping up, now we begin to focus on the holiday season. The period of time starting with Halloween and ending around January 1st is the most important time for internet marketers. This […]

New shop launched! What has changed?

Hi Guys, you have probably noticed, that we launched our new store. We decided to re-design our website, to offer our clients more features and options combined with an overall better and (most importantly) faster fronted. LAUNCH PROMOTION – 30% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS To celebrate the launch of the new store, we are running […]

IM Roundup – September 2015

New News in Internet Marketing A Look Back at September 2015 Internet marketing is a big topic. It’s not always possible to catch every bit of industry news. Here’s a quick wrap-up of recent IM stories which you may have missed: Google My Business Portal gets a Major Overhaul This new update mainly includes improved […]

SEOlutions Crazy Summer Raffle – The Winners!

SUMMER RAFFLE WINNERS ! We are proud to announce the conclusion of our first raffle! The raffle proved to be immensely popular and we are happy to announce the winners for the prizes. Without further ado, the winners are: balsagoth007 – Macbook Pro 15” donalbebek – iPhone 6 16GB nomad1500 – 1 year subscription to […]

How Support Sections, User Forums, Q&A Sessions and Other Community Content can Boost Your Search Visibility

Does your website have a community? This can be Facebook followers, forum users, email subscribers or any other loyal collection of customers or members. Building a community is hard work but the potential rewards can be enormous. Did you know a community can help you organically grow your search traffic? Even better, you can do […]

Guest Posting

How Recent Changes to Google’s Local Search Will Affect Your Clients

Small Business Owners Need Local Search Engine Optimization – Here’s an Easy (and Delicious) Way to Explain this Concept to Your Clients If you’re an SEO expert, you probably already know about the recent changes Google made to their Local Stacks. When searching for a business, Google now shows three results instead of seven. This […]